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Chemical Compatibility A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W X Y Z
Clean Room Standards Cleanroom Classification Standards
Color Coding for Lights Color Coding for pushbuttons, indicator lights and illuminated pushbuttons (NFPA 79)
Conversion Charts General conversion chart
Currency Converter xe.com Currency Assistant
Electrical Safety Electrical Safety Standards

Electrical Symbol (Quick Reference)

Graphical Symbols - IEEE Std 315-1975, ANSI Y32.2-1975 and CSA Z99-1975

FCC Rules Excerpts from FCC Rules part 15 relative to "Unlicensed Spread Spectrum radio systems" believed to be current as of July 23, 1996.
Heater Selection Guidelines for determining Process Heating Requirements
Humidity Why is humidity measured?
Motors, Gears & Drives Basic Training for Motors, Gears and Drives
  Technical Reference
  DC Motors - Simplicity Yields Cost Savings
  EPACT - For motors, the future just arrived
  EPACT & Testing - IEEE 112 Method B (or CSA C390)
  IEC Standard - How To Speak Fluent IEC for Motors
  LEESON's IRIS™ - Inverter Rated Insulation System
  Motor Temperature - The Hot Topic of Motor Temperature
  Single Phase Motors - Characteristics & Applications
  Trouble-Shooting - link to Motor Trouble-Shooting Chart
Ohm's Law Electrical calculation assistance
Particle Contamination Application Notes and White Papers
Power Equations Power calculation assistance
Pressure Help Information on pressure
Quick Formulas Quick formulas for horsepower, torque, acceleration and more
Research Links Industrial Associations & Trade Organizations Links
Temperature Charts Temperature Conversion chart
Temperature Sensors Thermocouple Standards   RTD Reference
Time Standards - ISO International Standard Date and Time Notation
Heater Selection Guidelines for determining Process Heating Requirements
  Thermal System Description (125k)
  Engineering and Technical (370k)

Calculate Wattage Required (125k)
• For process start-up
• For process operation
• To replace heat losses
• For contingency factors

  Determine Appropriate Watt Density(72k)

• For heat source limitations
• for material limitations

Select Heater Type(s) (72k)
• Method of installation
• Effects of contamination

  Determine Proper Sheath Material(68k)

• Corrosion considerations
• Effects of heat transfer medium

Thermal System Design (196k)
• Thermal System components
• Factors affecting system accuracy

  Selection of Temperature Control(131k)
    • Open loop system
• Closed loop system
• Control methods
  General Engineering and Technical Information (370k)
  Process Infrared Heating (282k)
  Quick Estimates for Wattage Requirements (36k)
  Process Heating Application Examples (262k)
  Determining Watt Density (32k)
  Pressure/Temperature Ratings of Flanges (29k)
  Tank Capacities (13k)
  Steam Table (16k)
  Sheath Material Composition (16k)
  Terminal Enclosure Descriptions (65k)
  Standard Pipe Data (28k)
  Electrical Data (68k)
  Formulas for Geometric Areas and Volumes (26k)
  Thermal System Glossary (23k)
  Common Abbreviations and Acronyms (9k)
  Complete Engineering and Technical PDF (1,657k)

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