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LonWorks is a networking technology created by the Echelon Corporation.
This net-worked control system is significantly more flexible and scaleable than a centralized building automation system. Significant savings can also be achieved for example in installation and cabling costs.

The LonMark Interoperability Association was founded in May 1994 to provide a world-wide organization for manufacturers, end-users and system integrators in order to develop the market for open interoperable LonWorks- based control systems. Vaisala joined the association in January 1997 as a partner member.

Vaisala's new GMD/W20 series of carbon dioxide transmitters have options available that enable digital communication between a LonWorks network and the transmitters over a twisted pair.

For further information about LonWorks, visit the Web site of the Echelon Corporation at www.echelon.com or www.lonmark.org.