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Chemical Compatibility Comparison Chart

Corrosion Guide

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This Corrosion Guide represents a compilation of available data and application experience on
the relative compatibility of common heater sheath materials and chemicals. This can be valuable in the initial selection of a heater sheath material to be used with a listed chemical. Final selection, however, should be made based upon the specific exposure conditions, recommendations of the corrosive agent's manufacturer and preliminary testing.

Rating System
A --- Good

B --- Fair

C --- Conditional---Performance is dependent upon specific application conditions such as solution concentration and temperature.

X --- Unsuitable --- Should not be used.

Notes to Corrosion Guide
1. This solution involves a mixture of various chemical compounds whose identity and proportions are unknown or subject to change without our knowledge. Check supplier to confirm choice of sheath material plus alternate sheath materials that may be used.

2. Caution---Flammable material.

3. Chemical composition varies widely. Check supplier for specific recommendations.

4. Direct immersion heaters not practical. Use clamp-on heaters on outside surface of cast iron pot.

5. Element surface loading should not exceed 20 W/in2 (3 W/cm2).

6. For concentrations greater than 15%, element surface loading should not exceed 20 W/in2 (3 W/cm2).

7. See suggested watt density chart.

8. Remove crusts at liquid level.

9. Clean often.

10. Do not exceed 12 W/in2(2 W/cm2).

11. Passivate stainless steel, Inconel® and Incoloy®.

Note: Blank spaces indicate an absence of data to establish any available rating.


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