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Style 007 Performance and Style 009 Special Application Heaters

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Style 007 Style 009
Performance Heaters Special Application Heaters  
The Style 007 Fluid Heater uses the same element configuration as the Style 001 and 003, but in a stainless steel pipe. This construction is suited to in-line applications where pipe threads are required at both inlet and outlet ports. Electrical terminations are offered in the form of lead wires and as feedthrus rated up to 150 psi. These heaters can be used to heat fluids other than air as long as the fluid is non-conductive and does not chemically react with 300 series stainless steel, silver solder, nickel, aluminum oxide or the epoxy potting material used on the leaded model. This product must be properly grounded and fused.
CO007-10133 3/8" Pipe 800W 120V, Feedthru terminations
00710133.gif (12567 bytes) Sylvania # 038821
CO007-10134  3/8" Pipe 800W 120V, Lead wire terminations
00710134.gif (14077 bytes) Sylvania # 038822
CO007-10135 1/2" Pipe 4000W 220V, Feedthru terminations
00710135.gif (16281 bytes) Sylvania # 038823
CO007-10136 1/2" Pipe 4000W 220V, Lead wire terminations
00710136.gif (16456 bytes) Sylvania # 038824
CO007-10137 1-1/4" Pipe 6000W 220V, Feedthru terminations
00710137.gif (22385 bytes) Sylvania # 038825
CO007-10138 1-1/4" Pipe 6000W 220V, Lead wire terminations
00710138.gif (14567 bytes) Sylvania # 038826
CO009-11178 Special Application Heater
00911178.gif (5248 bytes) Heater inflation nozzle for twin sheet vacuum forming of plastics
This heater was designed to deliver heated air between two plastic sheets so that twin sheet forming can be accomplished in a standard shuttle vacuum former. The input air port is connected to a filtered regulated air source. The electrical connections are made through temperature controller #006-10062 to a 120 volt source. The heated air is delivered between the sheets by means of a rectangular stainless steel tube 1/8" x 11/16" x 5-1/2" long. The air flow rate is normally set between 50 - 100 cubic feet per hour and the temperature is set between 260-330F, depending on the material being formed. The performance curves for this heater show that the required voltage for these conditions is in the 30-40 volt range. This low operating voltage and the fast response of the heater (low thermal mass) dictate the need for the controller/power module package which has a voltage limiting feature.
CO009-10252 Convectronics Blower 009-10252, 3/4HP, 115/230V
  Regenerative Blower 009-10252, 3/4HP, 115/230V Single Phase, Max. Flow - 34 SCFM
CO009 10253 Convectronics Pressure Gauge 009-10253, 0-2PSI
  Pressure Gauge 009-10253, 0-2PSI
CO009-10254 Convectronics Filter 009-10254
  Input Filter 009-10254
CO00-710197 2-1/2" NPT 304SS, Cast Alum Junction Box
00710197.gif (6481 bytes) This heater is intended for heating air at high flow rates (up to 60 SCFM) to 1000F maximum and features threaded inlet and outlet connections.
  • High Volume Flow to 60 SCFM (Pressure drop across heater is apx. 1.5 psi)
  • Temperatures to 1000F maximum at outlet.
  • 18 kW at 240 volts 3 phase.
  • Heating Element of high temperature ferrous alloy
  • 304 Stainless Steel Shell, 2-1.2" NPT
  • Cast alum junction box with 3/4" hub.


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