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Convectronic Heaters

Style 006 Heater Power Control

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The Power Control Module offers infinitely variable phase control when used with resistive loads up to 25 amps. Solid state circuitry provides modified transient suppression, exceptional stability and life. This device should be installed in a circuit fused at 120% rated load or 30 amps maximum. 006pic.gif (7164 bytes) An external potentiometer/switch (dial plate and knob included) is used to control output voltage. Adjustable turn on voltage level.

Sylvania # 057081 Power Module (25 Amp 120V-277V)

00610062.gif (14561 bytes)

006graph.gif (20905 bytes)

Input Voltage: 110-277 volts, 1 phase, 60 hz.
Output Voltage: Adj. 17% to 90% applied voltage.
Current Rating: 25 AMPS maximum.
(see temp vs curve graph)
Power Consumption: 50 Watts (max.)
Maximum Temperature: 75°C Measured at center of base plate.

CO00610139 Heat Sink

00610139.gif (8757 bytes) Sylvania # 043857 - No direct cross
Recommended for load currents exceeding 15 amps. (see temp vs curve graph)


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